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◆It can be used for an unlimited period of time for one year

◆Set 30 keywords, all keywords can be customized, only require that google can search to operate

◆Can be set to visit the official website and website pages

◆You can set the link to visit all the friend stations of the forum and blog (limited to the searched ones)

◆System update support

◆Unlimited website WEB use

◆No risk guarantee (white hat operation)



Windows only. Please install and use on Microsoft Windows operating system

For Win 7/8 computer, please click to install .NET Framework 4 first

Before we start, we’ll check your website and match you, and then we’ll approve the project and get to work. You can order the service for a month or longer and the service should take at least 3 months to get results.

If you want to get organic traffic, this service is one of the best investments you can make.  Do not less than 8 hours/day of SEO work
on your website  .  Another option for SEO services is to buy SEO consulting time from us, proven to help improve rankings.


Please download the WEB SEO system first
, please put it on the desktop and then unzip the file, you will see the unzipped file, press the SEO button,

For convenience, please press the [SEO button] to send it to the desktop to create a shortcut.
After pressing the SEO button, you will see the input serial number.
The customer service staff or your mailbox will provide you with the serial number.
After entering the serial number, you can enter the serial number
on the keyboard Go to set the name/URL/keyword, click Add to start,

To add or modify or delete, you can set it directly on the page.
After closing the setting page, you can return to the execution page.

Click [GO] to get started

If you want to stop the system, please press [STOP] and then hit a cross to shut down the system

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* Google Analytics, which is not compatible with this service, does not detect pop-up traffic well.

A note for website traffic only:
This product can help you drive traffic to your website better than a website traffic generator.
Your web pages must not include:
– Pop-ups on loading or exiting (traffic will be slow).
– Automatically play sound or video with audio (traffic will be slow).
– Automatic software installers, malware or trojans (not allowed!).
– Pornographic or adult material or content promoting illegal activities (not allowed!).

Delivery Time:
1 day or faster (within our working days) after we receive your order.


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